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An oracle configuration collector

  Version 1.49 Released
  • Version 1.49 is out. The changes include:
    • Improved HW/OS detection on Linux and HPUX
    • Removal of old code and checks
    • Some layout changes
    • Minor bugfixes
    • Minor feature enhancements
  • Download the release here
-ycl Nov 14 2008

  Version 1.47 Released
  • Version 1.47 is out. The changes include:
    • Preliminary support for AIX servers
    • Added a backup section for RMAN users
    • Extended the license information for 10g databases
    • Some minor changes and additions
  • A statspack section is under consideration. The problem with it so far, is deciding on what detail level the output should be, and how to integrate it with the existing ora2html output. They both produce healty amounts of ascii characters - simply combining them might not be good for usability. Or bandwidth. Another issue is the automatic report generation - what time periods should the reports be run for? All views and ideas are welcome! :-)
  • Download the release here
-ycl Aug 31 2005

  Version 1.46 Released
  • Version 1.46 has been released.
  • This is a small release, focusing on improving code readability and flexibility. In addition, there's a few new 10g related listings.
    • Added listing of temporary tablespace groups
    • Added listing of SYSAUX objects
    • Added listing of BIGFILE tablespaces
    • Changed components parsing to use a flexible awk routine
    • OS dependant commands are now stored as aliases, and not as variables
    • Default behaviour is now to run the collector _without_ informational output
    • A couple of extremely minor layout updates
  • Download the release here
-ycl Feb 23 2005

  Version 1.45 Released
  • Version 1.45 has been released.
  • This version contains several bugfixes, especially to software detection and listing.
    • Bugfixes to ORACLE_HOME detection for Solaris & Linux servers
    • Component listing fix for comps.xml files without INSTALL_TIME information
    • Minor rewrite for component listing to include 8.0.X databases correctly
    • Another bugfix to CheckDbStatus function
    • Update/bugfix to Linux OS and Hardware sections for SMP servers
  • Download the release here
-ycl Oct 22 2004

  Version 1.44 Released
  • Version 1.44 has been released.
  • This version is a minor update focusing on locating information about installled software
    • Autodetection of installed oracle homes on a server by parsing oratab and the xml files in oraInst.loc
    • Extended listing of oracle home components w/versions by parsing the xml files in each ORACLE_HOME
    • Added switch -nosid to block collector from collecting info for databases
    • Added switch -home to control which ORACLE_HOMEs to collect info for (all,none,used,spesific)
  • Download the release here
-ycl Oct 15 2004

  Version 1.43 Released
  • Version 1.43 has been released.
  • Changes from 1.42 are:
    • The SGA / Hit rate section has been totally rewritten.
    • Updated to run on 10g (No 10g features added yet)
    • Updates to the HP-UX OS section
    • Bugfix in Linux OS section
    • Minor update to kernel info section for all OS'es
    • Minor bugfix to database up/down status implementation
    • The regular formatting changes
  • Download the release here
-ycl Oct 12 2004

  Version 1.42 Released
  • Version 1.42 has been released.
  • No public releases has been done since version 1.32. Some of the most important changes since then are:
    • Change of license to GPL
    • Updated to work with 9i and RAC configurations
    • Now works with HP-UX (90% Complete)
    • Support for early (pre-8i) database versions has been broken (It'll work for them, but with missing info)
    • Switched to using stylesheets for html output formatting
    • Addition of PGA Information and advice
    • Addition of buffer cache information and advice
    • Improved SGA information
    • Rewrite of SQL*Net information
    • Addition of listings for external tables, directories, snapshots and suspended sessions ++
    • Several minor changes to layout and formatting, plus bugfixes
  • Download the release here
-ycl Oct 5 2004

  ora2html is now hosted on sourceforge.net
  • After a rather anonymous and slow release cycle, ora2html is now hosted on sourceforge.net.
  • For those that might be interested in the previous release, check out the cfg2html website. (Registration required)
-ycl Oct 5 2004

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